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Fingerprint image depicted by a glass sensor, by using KCT patented circuitry and fingerprint sensor pattern on glass. Patents inventing and pending and awared

There are two type fingerprint sensor used for fingerprint recognition, one is by semiconductor being the sensor area, and the other is by optical type. The sensor using semiconductor process is utilizing the semiconductor process to design and produce integrated circuit (driver part) and sensor array (sensor part), and the operation principle are Ratio Frequency Active Capacitance Sensing, Pressure Sensing, Heat Conducting Sensing in the market. When the finger touch the sensor array, the finger ridge and valley will form the different physical value in capacitance, pressure, or heat, those are up to the principle of sensor circuit it operate. For example, Apple iPhone uses the capacitance type fingerprint principle, which the advantage of capacitance principle is compact module, that make it to integrate to slim
thin device more easier and attractive.


Sensorarray in semiconductor wafer can lead in compact module, but it suffer cost issue a lot as the sensor area for the array for finger to press on it, the sensor area on the water cannot be small, it is because when we check the minutia of finer to be recognized, the number of minutia amount has to be maintain in certain level to make sure the recognition process won’t be overkill or overpass, that is, to meet FRR FAR rate. Minutia-less imply overpass of access, and minutia-more will consume sensor area, that is trade-off. Larger sensor area in wafer means the cost-up, as a better recognition rate is always with larger sensor area, unfortunately, it is against to cost. More than this, the sensor on wafer is surface naked, even be covered with 30um ink, it is hardly to sustain reliability once finger to press with acidalkaline liquid on it that etch the surface of sensor area. ESD is also a risk for sensor surface naked, as finger to press on sensor area usually accompany with large electronic charge, the accumulated electronic charge will zap the sensor on wafer surface.


Keycore Technology Corp develop a new generation driver IC for fingerprint authentication, however we don’t use silicon wafer being the sensor array but utilize the glass or non-silicon wafer type being the sensor material. The sensor is underneath a flat glass, and with patented driver IC on glass, the fingerprint module can do a good recognition for fingerprint ridge and valley and tissues. Those driver IC and sensor pattern on glass are patent inventing and pending.In addition to patented driver IC development for non-silicon sensor type, we put more resource on real TRANSPARENT sensor type fingerprint recognition for next generation, by doing that our patented TRANSPARENT fingerprint module come to the art of life in future.


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