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Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

We provide theASIC customized IC design service, electronic system design service to fulfill the unique demand for certain market.


Our team focus on low power analogy circuit, digital with high gate counts circuit, and provide IP circuits such as low power and precise ADC in Mixed Mode.We can integrate software, firmware for better system integration.  We also have close relationship with wafer foundry and testing house who have the key technology within advance process.Our design solution are suitable for computing, industry grade for ASIC market. Our goal is to provide the world class customize ASIC IC design service, solution service, to rise up customer product in leading position all the time.


Silicon data COVERNED from 180nm/160nm/130nm/90nm

Service Items

l   Spec-to-GDSII

l   RTL-to-GDSII

l   Netlist-to-GDSII

l   Memory BIST, JTAG, DFT, and ATPG

l   IP customization and integration

l   Design porting, FPGA to ASIC

l   IP Customization and integration service including digital, analog, and software IPs

l   Customer prototyping build up service

l   Customer project RTL design service


Integration level

a.      IP portfolio
b.      System architecture
c.       RTL design



a.      Compact area
b.      Low power
c.       High performance



a.      Wafer
b.      Testing
c.       Package

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